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It’s gold for Finland

Today is a good day to be Finnish. Last night Finland won gold in the ice hockey World Championships. That’s great but the fact we beat Sweden in the final makes it even better! (That’s because we have kind of a love-hate relationship with Sweden so winning them is the sweetest thing.) Finland won 6-1 so Sweden had no chance. Well, at first they did have and they actually scored the first goal of the final – but after that it was our game. And now all the Finns have went crazy! Well, I guess we deserve it.

OK, that’s it about ice hockey. Weekend was good, me and bf finally invited my brothers and their wifes and girlfriends to our place. I mean we’ve been living here since August and only now they were all here. Ups! Of course my brothers have visited briefly before too but not like this. I made lovely muffins that everybody loved. I also made a cheesecake which ended up in bin. Usually my cheesecakes are delicious but something went wrong with this one and the gelatin didn’t work. So the result was a pile of cake which you couldn’t cut because it didn’t stay in it’s shape. I got so annoyed and my bf’s comments annoyed me even more so before I could think twice I had thrown it into bin. Bf got a bit mad cause he said we could still have ate it but I didn’t care. The whole cake episode just drove me nuts.

That’s the thing with me though – always getting overly excited in good and in bad ways. I guess I’m pretty hot-tempered. This wasn’t the first time I threw something away just out of rage. There’s been cakes and stuff before that didn’t turn out perfectly but were still eatable but weren’t eaten because I lost it and threw it away. I don’t like wasting food and normally I don’t but in these moments nothing holds me back. It’s the same with arguments with bf – I often get overly excited and say things I shouldn’t. He is the same which doesn’t help.

Oh well. Being hot-tempered has it’s advantages though. Things don’t get boring and my relationship stays passionate. Yesterday before our guests arrived we had an argument which led to a session of steamy sex. Sometimes I wonder what do our neighbors think while listening the noises coming out of our flat… “Shut up, you wreck my head … … Oh, that feels so good, don’t stop, ahhhhhh”


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  1. Nothing quite like makeup sex! 😉


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