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What a lovely day

Summer is here, there’s no question. It was warm enough already around Easter time but I think today was the warmest day since the spring started. Temperature was over 20 degrees on Celsius scale which is over 68 on Fahrenheit scale. And my backyard, oh my, there it felt like over 30 because it’s in direct sunlight and there’s no wind. Tomorrow and Tuesday it should be even warmer so I’m a happy girl.

My little friend, my rabbit, was happy too because I took her too out with me. It was her first time this year and she really enjoyed jumping around in the backyard and eating grass. First she was pretty confused but got used to it soon and spent her time exploring her surroundings.

Winter is sooo long and cold here in Northern Europe that it really makes one appreciate spring and summer. People go actually a bit mad when it’s finally this warm because we have been waiting for it so long. Thankfully our summers are usually very nice and warm – if not hot – although in some countries people think we have always snow and ice. Last summer was almost unbelievable, we had very HOT weather for almost two months. And when I say hot I really mean hot, it was nearly too much; you couldn’t do anything without basically swimming in your own sweat. I didn’t complain at all though because I just LOVE hot weather. I’m definitely a summer girl.

Oh yes, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums! And especially to my own who of course is the best mum in the world. Seriously, my mum is just lovely. I’ve always felt she does everything she can for me and my brothers and is always ready to help. She is loving, warm, smart and beautiful woman and I love her so much. I hope she had a good day today. I think she did because we had a nice Mother’s day lunch in one cool Spanish restaurant. She got a free dessert wine and all. The food was lovely but the best part was their absolutely amazing chocolate cake. I’m known for making brilliant cheesecakes but that nearly won them too. Only nearly though. 😉

So I had a very good day. More than good since later today I met my granny too. I don’t say this often enough but I’ve a great family.


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