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Dog fever

I want to have a dog. Like really really badly. I’ve wanted it since I was a kid but my family couldn’t take one because of my dad’s asthma. And then after I moved out of my parent’s house my life became so unstable that it wouldn’t have been right to take a puppy. Now then… well now my flat is kind of small for two people and a dog. So maybe I’ll still wait until we move out and get a bigger place. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long ’cause I really really do want to have a dog very much.

I’d be ready to take “a rescue dog”. You know, one of those dogs that are looking for a new home for one reason or another. There’s enough dogs in the world and would be great to be able to help one that has been unlucky. But if – and this is only an if – I did end up taking a purebred dog it would be a chocolate labrador retriever. They have a good nature with nice personalities. And they are so cute!

Or can you disagree?



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  1. Oh my gosh! Those puppy dog eyes!! SO perfect!


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