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Hell ride

My bf feels really sick right now and I can’t help but laughing at him. Before you think I’m a total bitch, let me explain. This weekend is kind of a national party weekend in my country. Last of April and first of May are special days for students and workers because these days are seen as students´ and workers´ days. So there’s a lot of celebrating going on and everybody takes part, kids, young people, students, parents, even grandmoms and granddads.

Me and bf decided to take it easy this year and not get drunk. We went to sense some festival atmosphere to city though and then to see this little funfair that appears here every year this time. We had two small bottles of sparkling wine with us and after drinking them we decided to take one spinning ride. Well, that was a mistake, especially straight after downing those drinks. The ride was spinning so hard we both started to feel sick and soon our screams of joy were replaced by pure silence and bf whispering “this is Hell”. The spinning ride seemed to last forever and when it finally stopped the world was still spinning in front of our eyes.

I recovered soon enough but bf wasn’t as lucky. He needed to sit down for ages and he still kept feeling really bad. After a while we drove back home and he went straight to bed. But even sleeping didn’t help. The ride happened about seven hours ago and he is still feeling sick. I know it’s not nice but at the same time I find it a bit hilarious… I mean, he feels this way after one singular ride! Poor guy. We are taking it all easy and not doing what most of the people do, getting drunk and having a huge hangover the next day, but still he is punished this way. Not fair!

The weirdest thing is that before this bf has been just fine with all kind of rides. Last year we were in a huge amusement park and took all the worst rides and were both all right afterwards. I think though that having those drinks had a lot to do with the sickness and it didn’t help either that the only thing that ride did was spinning hard. So I think that explains everything. It didn’t even enter my mind that the reason could also be us and especially bf getting older… 😉


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European 20-something female writes about success and failure in life... and in bed.

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