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My week as a tourist in my own city

It’s been a while since my last post. That’s mostly because BF’s parents have been visiting us for the last week. We’ve been doing a lot of stuff with them, like showing them all kind of places (since this is their first time in my country) and just spending time with them. They are leaving tomorrow morning. I must say I’ve really enjoyed this past week. It’s been nice to be able to get to know them a bit better. Of course I’ve met them many times before but during this week I’ve spent nearly all my time with them which is a bit different than just talking to them every now and then.

It’s been also nice to be kind of a tourist in my own country. I mean, normally I don’t go around to see all kind of places every day. Now I’ve visited in places I haven’t been in in a long time and even places I was never before in. I’ve also got a chance to see my country with new eyes since I’ve been with people who saw the place for the very first time. It’s been enjoyable. And I’ve realized how beautiful place this really is. You kind of forget those kind of things when you get used to your home country and city.

It was also a very first time when my parents met BF’s parents. They actually met twice and all went very well. I think they liked each other. We were first visiting my parents for Easter dinner and then one other day we had a dinner in a restaurant. I never eat as much out as I’ve done now this past week, it has happened nearly every day! I think now I’ll have a small break from it and go back to simpler and healthier eating.

Oh yeah, I was pretty happy the day when all six of us went to a restaurant. While ordering our drinks the waitress asked my mom if I’m old enough to have a cider. The age limit is 18 and I’m 25! It made us all laugh and me feel good about looking so young ha ha. Similar stuff happens to me every now and then when I’m buying some drinks or going to a bar but this was especially funny since the waitress actually asked my mom. I guess I can stop worrying about getting old now for a while again lol.

Anyway, it’s kind of sad that BF’s parents are leaving in the morning. It’s been a nice week. But they like the place a lot so I think they’ll come here again. And in a month we are going to BF’s homeland so we will see them soon again.


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