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It’s gold for Finland

Today is a good day to be Finnish. Last night Finland won gold in the ice hockey World Championships. That’s great but the fact we beat Sweden in the final makes it even better! (That’s because we have kind of a love-hate relationship with Sweden so winning them is the sweetest thing.) Finland won 6-1 so Sweden had no chance. Well, at first they did have and they actually scored the first goal of the final – but after that it was our game. And now all the Finns have went crazy! Well, I guess we deserve it.

OK, that’s it about ice hockey. Weekend was good, me and bf finally invited my brothers and their wifes and girlfriends to our place. I mean we’ve been living here since August and only now they were all here. Ups! Of course my brothers have visited briefly before too but not like this. I made lovely muffins that everybody loved. I also made a cheesecake which ended up in bin. Usually my cheesecakes are delicious but something went wrong with this one and the gelatin didn’t work. So the result was a pile of cake which you couldn’t cut because it didn’t stay in it’s shape. I got so annoyed and my bf’s comments annoyed me even more so before I could think twice I had thrown it into bin. Bf got a bit mad cause he said we could still have ate it but I didn’t care. The whole cake episode just drove me nuts.

That’s the thing with me though – always getting overly excited in good and in bad ways. I guess I’m pretty hot-tempered. This wasn’t the first time I threw something away just out of rage. There’s been cakes and stuff before that didn’t turn out perfectly but were still eatable but weren’t eaten because I lost it and threw it away. I don’t like wasting food and normally I don’t but in these moments nothing holds me back. It’s the same with arguments with bf – I often get overly excited and say things I shouldn’t. He is the same which doesn’t help.

Oh well. Being hot-tempered has it’s advantages though. Things don’t get boring and my relationship stays passionate. Yesterday before our guests arrived we had an argument which led to a session of steamy sex. Sometimes I wonder what do our neighbors think while listening the noises coming out of our flat… “Shut up, you wreck my head … … Oh, that feels so good, don’t stop, ahhhhhh”


What a lovely day

Summer is here, there’s no question. It was warm enough already around Easter time but I think today was the warmest day since the spring started. Temperature was over 20 degrees on Celsius scale which is over 68 on Fahrenheit scale. And my backyard, oh my, there it felt like over 30 because it’s in direct sunlight and there’s no wind. Tomorrow and Tuesday it should be even warmer so I’m a happy girl.

My little friend, my rabbit, was happy too because I took her too out with me. It was her first time this year and she really enjoyed jumping around in the backyard and eating grass. First she was pretty confused but got used to it soon and spent her time exploring her surroundings.

Winter is sooo long and cold here in Northern Europe that it really makes one appreciate spring and summer. People go actually a bit mad when it’s finally this warm because we have been waiting for it so long. Thankfully our summers are usually very nice and warm – if not hot – although in some countries people think we have always snow and ice. Last summer was almost unbelievable, we had very HOT weather for almost two months. And when I say hot I really mean hot, it was nearly too much; you couldn’t do anything without basically swimming in your own sweat. I didn’t complain at all though because I just LOVE hot weather. I’m definitely a summer girl.

Oh yes, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums! And especially to my own who of course is the best mum in the world. Seriously, my mum is just lovely. I’ve always felt she does everything she can for me and my brothers and is always ready to help. She is loving, warm, smart and beautiful woman and I love her so much. I hope she had a good day today. I think she did because we had a nice Mother’s day lunch in one cool Spanish restaurant. She got a free dessert wine and all. The food was lovely but the best part was their absolutely amazing chocolate cake. I’m known for making brilliant cheesecakes but that nearly won them too. Only nearly though. 😉

So I had a very good day. More than good since later today I met my granny too. I don’t say this often enough but I’ve a great family.

Dog fever

I want to have a dog. Like really really badly. I’ve wanted it since I was a kid but my family couldn’t take one because of my dad’s asthma. And then after I moved out of my parent’s house my life became so unstable that it wouldn’t have been right to take a puppy. Now then… well now my flat is kind of small for two people and a dog. So maybe I’ll still wait until we move out and get a bigger place. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long ’cause I really really do want to have a dog very much.

I’d be ready to take “a rescue dog”. You know, one of those dogs that are looking for a new home for one reason or another. There’s enough dogs in the world and would be great to be able to help one that has been unlucky. But if – and this is only an if – I did end up taking a purebred dog it would be a chocolate labrador retriever. They have a good nature with nice personalities. And they are so cute!

Or can you disagree?


Always something more

Why is it so easy to always want something you don’t have instead of being happy with what you do have? I’m not the first or the last person asking this and that only proves how many of us suffer from the same problem. It’s so easy to forget what we do have and always wish for something more. So easy to take things for granted and complain about not having more.

In my life for example, when I think about it I’m sure I’ve a lot more good than bad. I’m healthy and so are all the people who are close to me. I have an opportunity to study what I want and to work in my dream job. I have a loving family and a boyfriend and just right amount of good friends. I have it all…

…so what is missing? I wish I knew the answer. I just feel I want something more. Some kind of excitement, something new, something to be passionated about. I am passionate about many things but right now I don’t feel it. Everything feels just dull and I miss something fresher. I miss having something that I can’t stop thinking about. Something that rules my thoughts.

I was never very good at dealing with everyday life. It’s OK for a while but I’ve always started to get frustrated rather sooner than later. Some people are made for that kind of thing. They love their routines, love their homes, their cooking and cleaning, their everyday conversations, movie nights and all the rest of it. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. I enjoy those things too but only sometimes. I actually wish I enjoyed them more. I wish I liked routines more. That I wasn’t such an idealist.

I don’t really know what’s wrong with me or how to cure this kind of an issue. I do know though what would make it better – even temporarily. That would be traveling. It always makes it better. It always calms me down to go somewhere new, to see something I haven’t seen before. Unfortunately I can’t have this medicine right now. I have to stay here and study for at least another month. And then – then I’m going to BF’s home country. Yeah, that is traveling and I’m glad to go, but since it’s a place I’ve been in many times before it’s not quite the same as going somewhere new. But at least it’s something and might make me forget these weird feelings for a while.

I also plan to travel somewhere else after this summer. Somewhere I’ve never been before… somewhere totally new.

Hell ride

My bf feels really sick right now and I can’t help but laughing at him. Before you think I’m a total bitch, let me explain. This weekend is kind of a national party weekend in my country. Last of April and first of May are special days for students and workers because these days are seen as students´ and workers´ days. So there’s a lot of celebrating going on and everybody takes part, kids, young people, students, parents, even grandmoms and granddads.

Me and bf decided to take it easy this year and not get drunk. We went to sense some festival atmosphere to city though and then to see this little funfair that appears here every year this time. We had two small bottles of sparkling wine with us and after drinking them we decided to take one spinning ride. Well, that was a mistake, especially straight after downing those drinks. The ride was spinning so hard we both started to feel sick and soon our screams of joy were replaced by pure silence and bf whispering “this is Hell”. The spinning ride seemed to last forever and when it finally stopped the world was still spinning in front of our eyes.

I recovered soon enough but bf wasn’t as lucky. He needed to sit down for ages and he still kept feeling really bad. After a while we drove back home and he went straight to bed. But even sleeping didn’t help. The ride happened about seven hours ago and he is still feeling sick. I know it’s not nice but at the same time I find it a bit hilarious… I mean, he feels this way after one singular ride! Poor guy. We are taking it all easy and not doing what most of the people do, getting drunk and having a huge hangover the next day, but still he is punished this way. Not fair!

The weirdest thing is that before this bf has been just fine with all kind of rides. Last year we were in a huge amusement park and took all the worst rides and were both all right afterwards. I think though that having those drinks had a lot to do with the sickness and it didn’t help either that the only thing that ride did was spinning hard. So I think that explains everything. It didn’t even enter my mind that the reason could also be us and especially bf getting older… 😉

My week as a tourist in my own city

It’s been a while since my last post. That’s mostly because BF’s parents have been visiting us for the last week. We’ve been doing a lot of stuff with them, like showing them all kind of places (since this is their first time in my country) and just spending time with them. They are leaving tomorrow morning. I must say I’ve really enjoyed this past week. It’s been nice to be able to get to know them a bit better. Of course I’ve met them many times before but during this week I’ve spent nearly all my time with them which is a bit different than just talking to them every now and then.

It’s been also nice to be kind of a tourist in my own country. I mean, normally I don’t go around to see all kind of places every day. Now I’ve visited in places I haven’t been in in a long time and even places I was never before in. I’ve also got a chance to see my country with new eyes since I’ve been with people who saw the place for the very first time. It’s been enjoyable. And I’ve realized how beautiful place this really is. You kind of forget those kind of things when you get used to your home country and city.

It was also a very first time when my parents met BF’s parents. They actually met twice and all went very well. I think they liked each other. We were first visiting my parents for Easter dinner and then one other day we had a dinner in a restaurant. I never eat as much out as I’ve done now this past week, it has happened nearly every day! I think now I’ll have a small break from it and go back to simpler and healthier eating.

Oh yeah, I was pretty happy the day when all six of us went to a restaurant. While ordering our drinks the waitress asked my mom if I’m old enough to have a cider. The age limit is 18 and I’m 25! It made us all laugh and me feel good about looking so young ha ha. Similar stuff happens to me every now and then when I’m buying some drinks or going to a bar but this was especially funny since the waitress actually asked my mom. I guess I can stop worrying about getting old now for a while again lol.

Anyway, it’s kind of sad that BF’s parents are leaving in the morning. It’s been a nice week. But they like the place a lot so I think they’ll come here again. And in a month we are going to BF’s homeland so we will see them soon again.

Bed… and more bed

I’ve spent last three days mostly in bed. No, not because of sex. I wish that was the reason but no. I’ve just been ridiculously tired and wrecked, both physically and mentally. And there has been a situation with bf too. I’m not going into details but I was out Friday night and acted stupid. I didn’t do anything absolutely horrible but acted in the ways I shouldn’t have. Not that bf is innocent either cause he was nasty and caused me going out but I can’t blame him for the ways I acted. So now we’ve been not so OK. First we argued but now it’s just kind of a silent level. We talk a bit but spend most of our time by ourselves. I don’t really know what he is thinking right now but I hope he will tell me at some point.

So I’ve been sleeping a lot. A lot more than usually and it seems the more I sleep the more sleepy I am. Saturday I did absolutely nothing else but yesterday I did go out for a while cause the election was on and I wanted to go and watch it in one pub. Today then again… bed. I was planning to go to university but I didn’t, I was planning to go to gym but I didn’t and I was planning to go and donate my blood but I didn’t do that either. But I did do some school work and I’m still going to do more so at least that’s good. I just don’t feel like myself at all and I think, well, I know it has a lot to do with the situation with bf. I don’t like when we are like this but then again sometimes it’s good to let things calm down a bit and give him a little time.

Tomorrow though I must get up and start to do something. I must go to the university and to gym and maybe even do that blood donation thing. I’ve been planning to go for too long again and think my last time was somewhat a year ago so I really should go. And I will, this week anyway. I just hope I don’t start to feel as weak as I did last time I was there.

It was weird because usually I’ve been OK after it but last time I nearly collapsed. It didn’t even happen straight away but after I had sat down a while and drunk and eaten a little. I just suddenly started to feel very weird and couldn’t see properly and needed to ask one guy near me to call the nurse. She came to me just in time and made me lie down on the floor my legs up on the chair. There I was while everybody stared at me. After a while the feeling went away so I left to go to one class. But then it happened again while I was there and I needed to do the whole laying on the floor thing all over again in front of people I hardly knew at all. Classy.

So yes, I hope I don’t need to repeat that now again. I think that time I had drank too much coffee and too little water before going there so maybe that’s why it happened. Well I’ll make sure I now drink a lot of water beforehand! It’s anyway a small thing to do to help the others and if the worst thing that can happen is to feel a little weak it’s not the end of the world. If I ever need blood because of some accident or whatever I’ll be happy that people do that kind of thing. In my country donors aren’t paid for donations (to make it safer because if donors were paid some could do it for money and lie about their health etc) but I think the good feeling I get from doing it is enough of a payment.